Smallville 8.05 “Committed” - Original Air Date: October 16, 2008

Smallville “Pilot” Parallels - “Pilot” aired October 16, 2001




Oh my goodness. Nostalgia

All of these. ALL…OF…THESE

I did all of these too LOL- ahhhh growing up in the 80’s-90s!!!

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"Well, looks like another thrilling Friday night — just you and me flying the red eye on this paper airplane"


[Clark walks in the Daily Planet bullpen, sees Lois reading something, and nervously walks up to her.]

Clark: Lois?
Lois: Did you hear? The brilliant brass over at KZXP have decided to go with someone else for their morning show.
Clark: Lois?
Lois: After everything that happened, after Ollie and I almost got killed, guess who they’ve decided to go with? (She shows him a promo picture of Catherine Grant as the new correspondent.)
Lois: Apparently blondes test better with morning viewers.
Clark: Lois!
Lois: I’m sorry, I never should have tried out in the first place, or dragged you with me, and I just—

[Clark grabs her and passionately kisses her. At first, she is surprised, then she kisses him back.]
"Iris, I’m okay."

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Grading the last paper in a tall stack


Feels like:

Hunter Pence slams into the fence and still makes the catch